Q: Should I discontinue Oravig® if my symptoms subside?
A. No. Do not discontinue Oravig treatment prior to 14 days even if the signs and symptoms of the yeast infection begin to subside.

Q: Do I swallow Oravig?
A. No. Do not crush, chew, or swallow Oravig.

Q: What do I do if I accidentally swallow the tablet?
A. If you swallow Oravig within the first 6 hours of placing it, drink a glass of water and place a new Oravig tablet on your gum. If Oravig is swallowed after it was in place for 6 hours or more, do not apply a new Oravig tablet. Wait until your next regularly scheduled dose. Oravig’s active ingredient, miconazole, has minimal gastrointestinal absorption.

Q: When should I apply Oravig?
A. Oravig should be applied in the morning, after brushing your teeth.

Q: What do I do if Oravig falls off or comes loose?
A. If Oravig comes loose within 6 hours, try to reapply it. If the tablet still does not stick, apply a new tablet. If Oravig falls off after 6 hours, do not apply a new tablet. Wait until your next regularly scheduled dose.

Q: How long will Oravig stay in my mouth?
A. Oravig was designed to slowly dissolve during the day. In clinical studies, over half of Oravig tablets were still in place at 12 hours. However, this time will vary from person to person.

Q: Can I eat and drink while Oravig is in place?
A. Yes. You can eat and drink while taking Oravig. Always double check to see if Oravig is still in place after you brush your teeth, rinse your mouth, eat, or drink.

Q: How does Oravig stick to my gum?
A. Oravig has special ingredients that combine with the moisture in your mouth to help Oravig stick to your gum.

Q: How will using Oravig impact my daily routine?
A. Oravig is applied once per day, so there is no need for multiple daily doses. You will still be able to eat, drink, and go about your daily routine while the Oravig tablet is in place.

Q: Does Oravig taste or smell bad?
A. Oravig is flavorless and odorless.