How to Order

Oravig® is available for direct order from your local wholesaler.

NDC# 89141-250-14 — Bottle contains 14 tablets

To order Oravig for your clinic, hospital, health system, nursing home, or institutional facility please contact your preferred wholesaler. Order entries numbers of the major wholesalers are provided below:

Wholesaler Name Order Number Oravig NDC Number
(Bottle contains 14 tablets )
Ameriscource Bergen (ABC) 10158174 89141-250-14
Cardinal 5144910 89141-250-14
McKesson 3486313 89141-250-14
QK Healthcare 77529 89141-250-14

You may also contact ICS AmerisourceBergen, DARA Bioscience’s 3PL (third party logistics provider) to order Oravig, at 1-855-327-2246.

Note: If you require assistance or experience difficulty obtaining Oravig please call 1-855-327-2246 or email